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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Keys to the Kingdom: Mr. Monday--a Review

The Keys to the Kingdom: Mr. Monday by Garth Nix

Mr. Monday was on my Fall into Reading 2008 list. The dark and foreboding cover had intrigued me for quite a while and my oldest had asked about it repeatedly. I've heard mixed reviews about the book both from children and parents and decided this was definitely a book that I would pre-read myself.

Nix certainly has some unusual and unique settings, odd characters and weird timelines. Arthur Penhaligon, a young teen in a new school, finds himself the possessor of an odd "key"--a clock hand delivered by either two very strange men or a delusion. Arthur is a "true heir" to "the Kingdom" which exists inside a large castle-like mansion. The goings on inside the mansion affect the world outside--the world Arthur is from and the world which is threatened by an incurable virus.

The seven deadly sins are the basis for Nix's seven books and seven of the characters included in the stories. While I like the premise, I felt left hanging at the end of book one. I understand series are supposed to leave you uncertain, but I don't know if I care enough to follow up with the second in the series, Grim Tuesday. I've read series with my sons before, I just don't know if this will be one I'll get very far in.

There wasn't anything that will stop me from allowing Roo to read the book; I just wasn't enamored with it. I'm considering getting the audio books from the library and seeing if that adds to the story.

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