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Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

Well it's Friday, but there are still links to share. Thursday just didn't seem to cooperate with blogging...


Lemon Drizzle Cake looks fabulous at Dragonfly.

Lovely Linds makes a lovely Carrot Cake!

Michelle at Scribbit always has wonderful recipes. The Cinnamon Dumplings with Apple Cider Syrup really caught my fancy.


I want to make and use beads like these at Art Bead Scene!

Lovely thoughts:

Have you met "MA"? She's a blogger that will make you smile. She has two lovely blogs--What's New at My House and On the Bright Side. She is a cup of sunshine everyday.

Offbeat Modest Dress has a series about dressing in a stylish manner while remaining modest. I love this series. Wish I had a little more to spend.

Lisa's Chaos--A visit to her site is a small vacation. Her photography is phenomenal!


TangleDoodle Art, what a neat idea for Art Class--at Semicolon.

Of Interest:

Just how much money is $825 billion? from Soutenus.

Will the Post Office quit delivering on Tuesdays? via Paul Ibrahim on Blog.

Politics and Religion (the things we're not supposed to talk about if we want to be popular):

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill is Enthroned. And his remarks on the joyous occasion.

Translating "Liberal Speak" from Barbara at Mommy Life.

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kristinsdottir said...

Thanks for the link to my blog -- I'm so glad you enjoy it!

Nice to 'meet' you and God bless!