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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

Several "Thoughts for Thursday." Something for everyone...

Recipes I want to try:

Chocolate Gravy at Boo Mama's--I haven't had this in years.

Potato Leek Soup courtesy of Father John Zuhlsdorf

Blackberry Wine Cake from Lisa at It's the Little Things

Next Christmas I want to try Mommy's Martini's Christmas Cake

Homeschool Thoughts:

Taking Photos of Snowflakes at Pondered In My Heart

Pacifying the Beast at Life Without School.

Not just for homeschoolers, but for all parents--How Can We Encourage Reading Aloud? Jen Robinson has a great post.

Poiema reminded me about String Art! Looks fun.

Jena at yarns of the heart answers some questions, really good questions, about homeschooling.

Politics and/or Religion Thoughts:

Obama's Little Blue Book--didn't Chairman Mao have something similar???? Seen first at Michelle Malkin, but for only$5.95 on Amazon. I. Kid. You. Not. Gift wrap available.

Global Taxes??? I don't even like national ones. Yikes!

From Barbara at Mommy Life--Criticism in the pews. "While I was prepared to keep an open mind about Obama, my definition of open-mindedness does not include letting my brains fall out as so many previously self-identified conservatives seem to have done...

Why not a big party on the lawn?
asks the The Raving Theist (who, for the record, used to be The Raving Atheist).

What the FOCA?--learn what FOCA is really going to do for you. Courtesy of Jean at Catholic Fire.

“We consider right of conscience to be the biggest issue we face," said Dr. David Stevens, executive director of the Christian Medical Association. "If we lose this one, soon there will be no Christian health care personnel debating the other ethical issues like cloning or physician-assisted suicide.”Planned Parenthood: "pro-choice" for abortion, "no choice" for doctors from ProLife Blogs.com

"What have they got to be worried about?"
asks The American Thinker.

What are you thinking about this day?

If you have something you would like me to add to my Thursday links, feel free to e-mail me at ourjoyfuldays at gmail dot com

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Jen Robinson said...

Thanks so much for linking to that discussion about encouraging reading!